Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Biodegradable Plastic Bags!

We make biodegradable plastic bags, compostable bags, with food-grade enzyme compounds using non-toxic materials. It’s a sustainable and safe choice for the environment.

Eco Packs

A simple act has, Big impact!

We are one of the top suppliers of tailored eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable shopping bags in the area, catering to a variety of industries, such as supermarkets, retail chains, e-commerce stores, healthcare, fashion, hospitality, and more. We understand our customers’ corporate goals and strive to provide them with the most sustainable and green bag solutions.

Say no to plastic and seize the future of sustainable shopping bags today!

Sustainable &

Eco packs are a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


Our products don’t degrade into any toxic substances.

Made from Natural Plant Fibres

Our shopping bags are made from natural plant fibers for a biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Compostable & Renewable

Our bags are both compostable and renewable, reducing their environmental impact.

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Why Clients Love EcoPacks

Best Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in India

We ordered 10,000 Eco-Friendly Paper Bags, which doubled our sales. EcoPacks is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly bags.

Thank you for your quick response and polite contact. I checked Custom Paper Bags, and they are perfect; thank you very much for the quick job.


Ecopack’s biodegradable packaging peanuts were exactly what I needed for my business. I liked how they were both long-lasting and eco-friendly. 

I was impressed by the durability of these compostable air pillows during shipping, as they effectively safeguarded my products and ensured their safe arrival.

Use Compostable Eco-Friendly Bags